New Age

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Newage Testing Instruments is expert in hardness testing and a leading innovator in solving hardness testing and characterization problems for over 50 years. They manufacture hardness testers and durometers, in accordance to ASTM and ISO standards for Rockwell, Brinell, Knoop and Vickers application, plus Durometers for testing rubber and other materials to ASTM and IRHD standards. 

They also provide a complete array of accessories, including software application packages for analysis, optical scopes, blocks, indenter, anvils, etc. They specialize in engineering and manufacturing custom automated testing systems and providing system integration services that are uniquely engineered to meet your exact testing requirements. 

And Newage Testing Instruments can provide you with preventative maintenance services, calibrations, proficiency testing and emergency services for your Newage or competitive hardness testing instrumentation. 

Products include: 
  • Rockwell Testers 
  • Brinell Testers 
  • Vickers Testers 
  • Knoop Testers 
  • Microhardness Testers 
  • Durometers 
  • Optical Systems 
  • Software for Analysis 
  • Accessories including Blocks, Anvils, Indenters, etc
Services include:
  • Calibration 
  • Factory Services
  • Field Services
  • Proficiency Testing 
  • Custom Systems & System Integration 
  • Upgrades for Competitive Hardness Testers