Reasons to Upgrade:
1. Magnetic Module:
Allows for quick stylus change over either manually or automatically with the MCR20 Change Rack.
2. New TP20: All touch probes are subject to wear and tear. This upgrade gives you a fresh start with a new TP20 probe  body and module of your choice.
3. Unbelievable Price: With a list price of over $3,000.00 for the TP20 Kit, this upgrade makes it affordable for you to take advantage of all the benefits offered by the TP20. 

How it Works:
Select the TP20 Package you wish to purchase.
Step 2:  Locate the serial number on your current TP2 and enter this number in the required field before adding to the shopping cart.
Step 3: Add to Cart to complete purchase.
Step 4: In 1-2 business days our sales department will email  you a Return Goods Authorization (RGA) number.
Step 5: Carefully package the TP2 for shipment. MARK THE RGA NUMBER ON THE SHIPPING DOCUMENTS. Please be sure to only send the touch probe itself and no accessories such as styli. You are responsible for the expenses related to shipping the unit to Renishaw and for the shipping costs of the replacement TP20 kit. You will receive the address to send your damaged item after your order has been processed.
Step 6: The TP20 upgrade will be shipped directly from Renishaw to your address, after receipt of your TP2.

*Renishaw reserves the right to cancel an order due to excessive damage on the originally returned items. Neither Measurement Supply or Renishaw are responsible for items lost or damaged in transit. We recommend UPS with a tracking number for easy traceability.

We are continuously adding more and more of these items to the website, if you don’t see what you are looking for now, please contact us so we can easily get you the product you need.