Kreon ACE 7-Axis Portable 3D Scanning Solution Measuring Arm

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Kreon ACE 7-Axis Portable 3D Scanning Solution Measuring Arm
Kreon ACE 7 AXIS

All-in-one Solution

Portable 3D Scanning Solution

High Technology Level

Probing and scanning applications

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Kreon Technologies is the manufacturer of 3D non-contact scanning solutions headquartered in Limoges, France. In business for over 25 years, the company focuses its heavy research & development efforts to continually create and produce the fastest, most accurate scanning technology products available. Their Kreon Ace portable CMM with Solano Blue scanning sensor is just the latest in its offering of precision 3D products.

Kreon products are distributed worldwide thru an educated list of engineering & metrology solution providers.

Kreon integrates and partners with all of the major producers of 3D design, point cloud manipulation and metrology software including PolyWorks, Verisurf, Declam, GeoMagic/Rapid Form, Metrologic, AAT, TezetCAD etc.

The Kreon products are in use at a large variety of end-users producing products in the Automotive, Defense, Medical, Marine & Aerospace markets.

The Kreon portable coordinate measurement system are available as 6 or 7 Axis measurement configurations and were developed utilizing very innovative technology and the highest of quality materials. The Kreon Ace modern design compiles both high capability & accuracy into a very attractive and durable product. The Kreon Ace can be configured solely as a tactile portable device or you can add any of the Kreon scanners including: Solano, Solano Lite, Solano Blue, Zephyr II and Zephyr II Blue.

The Kreon Ace is truly a portable CMM that can be used in a wide variety of environments. To insure reliable measurement results the systems come equipped with a temperature compensation to offset temperature variations.

An integrated battery allows the use of the Kreon Ace with either the Solano/Solano Blue or tactile probe sensors offering even more portability of the system.

To increase portability even more, the Kreon Ace comes equipped standard with a wireless (Wi-Fi) connection or Bluetooth so you operate free of cables when measuring in the tactile probing mode.

The Kreon Ace uniquely enables the operator to measure with the tactile probe, the scanning sensor or with both the tactile probe & scanning sensor combination. The 7 axis Ace integrates an ergonomic pistol grip for easy manipulation and sensor triggering.

Generally working with a strictly tactile probe configuration, a 6-Axis arm is the model to choose. Kreon Ace does not restrict you from adding a scanner for the rare occasion the optical sensor is required, a scanning sensor can be attached.

When the solution requires more flexibility and precision for complex geometric details, the Kreon Ace is offered in a 7-Axis family of models. This more ergonomic design allows the operator to approach the piece-part from a multitude of directions with less fatigue while capturing all the data fast & easily.


  • Measuring arm and scanning solution
  • 7 axis
  • Battery and wireless connection
  • From 2 m to 4,50 m working volume
  • Many application software plug-in
  • Volumetric accuracy: up to 32 μm

Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer Kreon
CMM Type Portable CMM