Verisurf Analysis Software

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Verisurf Analysis Software
Verisurf Analysis Software

ANALYSIS can be used on- or offline to analyze measured points or point clouds to corresponding nominal CAD points, curves, surfaces, solids, and meshes to rapidly create concise deviation reports and color-coded, graphical deviation displays. Includes fully-controllable, 6-DOF best-fit functions to achieve optimal tolerance condition for a selected set of measurements.

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A robust, controlled offline solution for comparing inspection data to the nominal CAD model.

Whether it is from CATIA, UG, Pro-E, SolidWorks or another CAD system, Verisurf Analysis lets you import the nominal CAD model and compare it against both internal and vendor inspection data. Analyze points-to-points, points-to-curves, points-to-surfaces or points-to-meshes and instantly generate deviation reports.

Customizable "best-fit" capabilities innovatively determine the optimal fit between the data and the model. For reporting, Verisurf Analysis generates Excel-based text and HTML-based color reports, including color deviation mapping for clear, practical analysis.
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Additional Information

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