Contract Inspection

Measurement Supply offers comprehensive Contract Inspection capabilities at our metrology technical center in Tampa, Florida.

Below is a list of the equipment available to address single part / first article and large lot size inspection:


CMM Dimensional Measurement: CNC measuring range: X28” Y40” Z 24” , Manual measuring range: X16" Y 16" Z 12", Radial Arm measuring range: 25" reach
Vision System Measurement: CNC measuring ranges: X8” Y 4” Z 6” and  X 6" Y 6"  Z 6", Manual measuring range: X 6" Y 4"  Z 6"
Surface Finish Testing: Skidded & skid-less contact systems to measure most industry parameters. Systems are capable of 4mN & .75mN detector forces.
Special styli/detector capability upon request.
HD Video Inspection: Hi-Resolution HD 1080p quality digital images.
Force & Torque: Capabilities to measure force (pull and compression) and torque.
Reporting Capabilities: Standard data result values on basic inspection reports, AS9102, PPAP and custom reporting documents available.