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Vision Engineering TVM
Vision Engineering TVM

Instant FOV Video Measuring System

TVM delivers instant, accurate 2D measurement within the field of view (FOV), at the click of the mouse. Larger components can be measured with the moving stage for fast and flexible solution.

- Rapid, place and press functionality
- Exceptional ease of use - eliminates operator variances.
- Reduces measurement time significantly.

Specifications are required for this system. Please contact us for pricing.



Instant FOV Video Measuring System

A new class of measuring system from Vision Engineering. TVM20 and TVM35 mark the beginning of a new era for fast and flexible shop floor measurement. From the combination of advanced optical design and simple yet powerful software, comes a competent metrology system that can measure components of any shape.

With TVM, there is no need to position the part – just place the part within the field of view, and then run the program.

Hundreds of measurements are taken (within the field of view) in seconds. TVM is ideal for customers who require the fastest, simplest way to accurately measure their component parts.

Instant measurement

Field of view measurement is ideal for 2D measurement of small component parts, up to 35mm. By measuring within the field of view, measurement can be instant. Plus, variance between operators is eliminated, since there is no requirement to position and focus the sample, which not only takes time, but also relies on individual operator skills and habits.

What can I measure?

Any feature you can ‘see’ within the field of view. TVM is ideally suited to profile measurement of small, flat components such as machined or pressed parts, washers, gaskets, seals, O-rings, connectors, sectioned extruded materials, low density circuit boards and flexible circuits, as well as thin parts, including bottle tops, medical tubing, small medical devices, housings, syringes, plus much more.

The fixed stage FOV system enables instant accurate measurement of small components, while the addition of a manually controlled stage extends measurement for larger components up to 8″ x 4″.

Telecentric video measurement

The TVM series utilizes flat field telecentric optics and illumination to create a sharp image of the component on its HD monitor. The telecentric lens provides a completely flat image, across the full field of view, without any curvature, or distortion and improves the video edge detection capability on complex parts significantly.

Not only that, but with a large depth of field, your sample is always in focus, regardless of height differences, making TVM the faster, more convenient, more friendly way to measure.

The availability of a moving stage also makes it possible to measure components larger than the field of view.

The TVM series come with the renowned M3 measurement software with a rich suite of features as well as simple data import/export and reporting facilities.
  • Place and measure functionality
  • Minimum training required
  • Eliminates operator errors with instant measurement within the field of view
  • Clearly see the video image and part view on a large HD monitor
  • Tolerance reports and other essential data outputs

Additional Information

Additional Information

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