About Us

For over 17 years, Measurement Supply has been your trusted partner in the manufacturing industry. Our expertise in metrology and manufacturing allows us to provide specialized, user-friendly, and accurate solutions for all your measurement needs.

We offer a wide range of measuring tools and instruments:

  • Post-measurement tools: Ensure quality control during in-process or final inspections.
  • Product development & engineering tools: Equip your team with the right tools for every design and development stage.

We go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction:

  • Multiple communication channels: We make it easy to connect with us, whether you're nearby or across the globe.
  • Regular e-Demos: See our solutions in action, often using your own parts and files, to understand how they can benefit you.
  • Leading metrology brands: We represent top brands like ZEISS, Mitutoyo, Vision Engineering, Renishaw, Mark-10, Fowler, Vermont Gage and more.

Measurement Supply Company

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Telephone: (888) 502-0220

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Email Us: Sales@measurementsupply.com