About Us

Measurement Supply was created to offer specialized, easy, and correct solutions to match the needs of the manufacturing market.

We have over 60 years of experience in the Manufacturing and Metrology environment.

We apply our knowledge to supply the best solution for your measurement needs.

We offer post measuring tools and instruments for in-process or final dimensional inspection, along with a host of tools for use in product development & engineering.

Interaction with the buying public is one of our ways to offer more to our customers, whether it is down the street or around the world, insuring the buyer receives the proper tool. We use many communication tools and perform e-Demos regularly, often using the buyers actual parts and files to prove the process.

Measurement Supply represents many of the world's leading metrology brands, including Mitutoyo, Vision Engineering, Mark-10, Renishaw, Newage, and many more. Come to us with your measurement requirements and let us explore the options to best suit your needs. We are sure you will be satisfied with the results!

Measurement Supply Company

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