New Mantis 3rd Gen

Measurement Supply is excited to announce the arrival of THE stereo microscope, Mantis 3rd Gen! The ultimate ergonomic, high performance microscope.

Fowler Tool-A-Thon Sylvac Scan Trade-In

Fowler Tool-A-Thon Promo- Valid from May 1st, 2023 to August 31st, 2023.

Fowler Trade-In Program:  Trade in your old TESA Scan machine* and receive 15% off a new Fowler Sylvac SCAN Machine**.  Offer Valid June 1st - September 30th.  Contact us for specifics on applicable machines and terms.



Bore Gages


Fowler 0-6" Dial Caliper, 52-008-005-1

List Price:$122.49

Our Price: $109.00


Fowler 0-6" Dial Caliper, 52-008-007-1

List Price:$122.49

Our Price: $109.00


Fowler 0-8" Dial Caliper, 52-008-008-1

List Price:$172.80

Our Price: $155.52


Height Gages


Levels & Protractors

Fowler mini-Mag Protractor, 54-422-450-1

List Price:$127.05

Our Price: $113.30



Micrometer Accessories