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We are hiring! We work closely as a team and value continuous learning, professional growth, and are dedicated to investing in our teams success.  If you are seeking a rewarding career we encourage you to apply today.  We offer competitive salaries, health insurance benefits, retirement plans, paid holidays and PTO. Head over to our Career Opportunities to see our current openings!

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We are pleased to offer end of year savings on most of Vision Engineering's inspection and measurement systems, now through January 12th, 2024! For a limited time, save 15% measurement and inspection systems.

Promotion applies to the following eyepiece-less microscopes, digital inspection systems and measurement systems:

Mantis 3rd Generation Series, Lynx EVO, SX Elite, VE CAM, EVO CAM II, DRV-Z1, Swift PRO Range, TVM Series and LVC Series. 

The promotion applies to sales of complete systems (a system is defined as a head, stand/stage, and lens. Power supply and controller/software may also be required for a complete system). 

Bonus offer:  Spend $12,500 and get 8 free Flex2Light portable work lamps FREE!

VEI Promo


We are pleased to offer the Mitutoyo Fall Promo, running until December 15th, 2023.  The 2023 fall promotion contains many new products, such as the completely redesigned LH600F Linear Height Gage, IDC/IDF indicators and pneumatic fixturing for the Litematic.  This promotion also features popular Mitutoyo tools and instruments including data management solutions, caliper, micrometers, linear encoders, indicators, height gages, microscopes, hardness testers, Quick Scope digital microscopes and Quick Image digital profile projectors.  You can see a handful of these items under our Promotions and Specials category (under products)

Mitutoyo Fall Promo


We are pleased to offer the Fowler Tool-A-Thon Promo, running until December 31st, 2023. Fowler continues to introduce innovations in inspection and measurement with new highly engineered systems designed to increase accuracy, decrease measurement time, and automate record keeping.  We offer solutions for all our measurement challenges. Please reach out with any of your management needs, we are here to help!

Fowler TAT


launch of Mantis 3rd Gen


With a magnification range of 3x to 15x, superior image quality and long working distance, Mantis is the perfect stereo inspection tool for a wide-range of applications. Choose between Mantis PIXO, ERGO or IOTA, together with a range of stands and lighting options to design the perfect inspection system for you!


The unique large image allows operators to see every detail of their subject, allowing them to assess samples quickly, increasing efficiency and throughput. Mantis PIXO and ERGO come with a triple objective turret, making magnification changes quick and easy.


With 5 illumination options you maximize your control of shadows for a perfect view of your sample, ensuring faults are easily identified and re-work is straightforward.


The designed-in ergonomics of Mantis provide a more comfortable working position, maximizes eye comfort and improves hand-eye coordination meaning operators are able to work for longer periods.



Mantis PIXO comes with an integrated 5MP digital camera offering the ability to capture, review and share high quality images. In addition, ViCapture software allows users to use overlays or add annotations for reporting and traceablility purposes.

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